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Saludos de El Salvador Premium Single Origin Coffee Whole Beans, 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Saludos de El Salvador Premium Single Origin Coffee Whole Beans, 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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Our coffee is a celebration of the rich culture and heritage of El Salvador, one of the finest coffee-growing regions in the world. Our beans are grown in the Llamatepec Biosphere Reserve, a natural wonder that is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. This region is a true gem, with forest plantations, coffee plantations, and grasslands nestled alongside the mighty Cordillera de Apaneca, the perfect climate for our beans to flourish. This is where our coffee beans are grown, at an altitude of almost 5,000 feet above sea level, surrounded by some of the most active and oldest volcanic mountain ranges in western El Salvador. Jones Ranch Coffee also help sustain this natural resource by supporting the local communities and preserving the natural habitat. By choosing Saludos de El Salvador, you are not only enjoying a high-quality coffee but also contributing to the preservation and development of the area. 

At almost 5,000 feet above sea level, our beans benefit from the cool temperatures and abundant rainfall, which give them their unique taste and aroma.

Our coffee is carefully and uniquely handpicked and processed using only natural methods, which means that we do not use any harmful chemicals or additives. This allows the full flavor and richness of the bourbon variety to shine through, creating a taste that is both sweet and complex.

With each sip, you'll taste notes of fruit and chocolate, a true testament to the exceptional quality of our coffee. With a rating of 85-86 points, it's no surprise that our coffee is a true reflection of the beauty and diversity of the Santa Ana region of El Salvador.

El Salvador is a country with a rich coffee-growing tradition, and we are proud to be part of this legacy preserving the unique and delicious flavors of the region. Our coffee is a reflection of the vibrant culture and history of El Salvador, a country that is known for its passionate coffee culture.

Bourbon Variety of Coffee
The Bourbon variety of coffee is esteemed among coffee connoisseurs and producers for its historic roots and distinct flavor profile. It's not merely a type of coffee; it's a variety with a rich heritage that significantly influences the taste and quality of the coffee produced. The Bourbon variety traces its origins back to the island of Réunion (formerly known as Île Bourbon), which is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Bourbon is a genetically distinct variety of Arabica coffee as it is highly valued for its excellent cup quality. The plants typically produce more coffee cherries than other varieties, albeit with somewhat smaller beans.

One of the reasons for the Bourbon variety's popularity is its exceptional flavor profile. Coffees produced from Bourbon beans are known for their complex and well-balanced taste, often with a sweet and slightly fruity acidity, a full body, and hints of chocolate and caramel. The precise flavor can vary based on the growing conditions, including soil, altitude, and climate, offering a spectrum of taste experiences.

Bourbon is cultivated in several coffee-growing regions around the world, especially in countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Brazil, and parts of Central America. Its adaptation to various microclimates allows for a range of expressions in the cup, making it a favorite among specialty coffee producers. The variety flourishes best at higher altitudes, where the cooler temperatures help to slow the bean's maturation process, enhancing the development of complex sugars and acids that contribute to the coffee's flavor.

The Bourbon variety holds a significant place in the specialty coffee industry. Its ability to produce coffees with distinct and desirable flavor profiles makes it a preferred choice for single-origin offerings and high-quality blends. Bourbon's influence extends beyond its own lineage, as it has given rise to several other notable varieties, including Pacas and Tekisic, through natural mutations and selective breeding efforts.

Natural Processing of Coffee Beans
Natural processed coffees captivate with their bold, vibrant flavors, often accompanied by a heavier body and a wine-like acidity. Each sip reveals layers of fruitiness, from tropical notes to berry sweetness, underscored by a syrupy richness that delights the palate. This method not only preserves the unique characteristics of the coffee but also reflects the terroir in which it was grown, offering a genuine taste of the bean's origin.

Specialty Points 85-86
In the realm of specialty coffee, scoring 85-86 points is a testament to exceptional quality and distinctiveness. Coffees graded within this range by professional tasters are recognized for their superior attributes in flavor, aroma, acidity, and body. These coffees stand out for their clarity and complexity, offering a harmonious balance that delights discerning palates.

Fruit and Chocolate Notes
The coffees from Apaneca-Llamatepeq are celebrated for their remarkable flavor profiles, where the natural sweetness and acidity of fruit meet the deep, comforting essence of chocolate. Each sip offers a taste of this unique terroir, revealing layers of flavor that range from the bright and tangy to the rich and creamy. It represents the region's volcanic soil and ideal microclimates, which together foster the growth of beans that are truly exceptional.

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