About Us

We take pride in sourcing the world’s greatest coffees. We offer an experience steeped in passion, tradition, and a commitment to excellence. Our journey began with a simple love for coffee and grew into a mission to bring the world's finest flavors to your cup.

Our Coffee's Journey
From the picturesque Santa Ana region in El Salvador to the breathtaking Cordillera Occidental in Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, we source our beans from some of the world's most renowned coffee-growing regions. Our coffee beans are carefully handpicked and naturally processed, ensuring a taste that's as pure as nature intended.

Saludos de El Salvador: Dive into the heart of the Llamatepec Biosphere reserve, where our beans grow almost 5,000 feet above sea level, nestled alongside the mighty Cordillera de Apaneca. Each sip is a tribute to the vibrant culture and history of El Salvador, presenting notes of fruit and chocolate that tantalize the taste buds.

Sevilla Coffee Collection: Experience the magic of Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, where the optimal climate and rich volcanic soils produce a coffee that's nothing short of spectacular. Relish the sweet fruity notes, underscored by hints of chocolate, in our highly-rated single-origin coffee from Sevilla.

Pioneering the Future
While we honor tradition, we're not afraid to innovate. Our upcoming Oye, Soy Peruvano Coffee Collection*promises to intrigue, and we're excitedly expanding our single-origin offerings to other countries beginning in 2024.

Our commitment to transparency is unwavering. With our unique blockchain technology, customers can trace their coffee's origins, roasting, and sustainability efforts. Just scan the QR code on our distinctively branded bags, each adorned with the flag of the coffee's country of origin, to dive deep into its story.

Our Commitment
Jones Ranch Coffee stands firm on principles of sustainability and fairness. We proudly source single-origin coffee that's fair trade certified, ensuring no child or slave labor is involved in any part of our process. It's our promise to you and the wonderful people who make our coffee journey possible.